Code of Good Practice


Authors must send original and unpublished works and comply with the guidelines established by the journal. They should avoid an excessive use of self-citations and any type of pressure from other authors to have their works cited. The journal will take into account the data of origin of the research regarding sex, in order to allow the identification of possible differences.


Reviewers will complete their work in accordance with article 5.4 of the Code of Good Research Practices of the University of Alcalá, which indicates the following:

Researchers who evaluate a research or scientific work, or research projects, must also follow, not only the guidelines, but a Code of Ethics and good practices:

  • if the object of the investigation is totally or partially unknown. The researcher should decline the invitation to the evaluation process;
  • if they are part of the evaluation team. The principles of confidentiality, impartiality, objectivity, independence and diligence must be maintained;
  • if it occurs in any of the causes provided for by the current regulations that establish it, or in any other circumstance that compromises the independence of its criteria or professional judgment. Researchers should refrain from participating as evaluators;
  • if there is a conflict of interest.
  • Participation in the evaluation process does not give the right to misappropriation of the data or knowledge subject to evaluation. In relation to the resolution of possible conflicts, the good practices provided in this Code will be followed.

The unethical conducts to avoid in the review process, beyond some of the following conducts that may also involve administrative or legal offenses, and which will also have the corresponding administrative and legal sanctions, are: issuing false endorsements, delaying revision without reasonable grounds with the aim of obtaining personal advantage, stealing ideas or texts from a manuscript being evaluated, rejecting a work because the findings contradict one's own work, not spending enough time on the review, using ideas from a submitted manuscript an exam, agreeing to evaluate a work without being sufficiently prepared for it.

Reviewers must complete the review report for each of the articles they evaluate.


Editors shall not to accept the publication of an article that has not received a favorable report from two reviewers in order to comply with the quality standards of the journal. Likewise, they shall comply with the deadlines of the journal publication process and shall keep the authors informed about the status of their article.

Plagiarism tool

The content of all contributions will be checked through the Turnitin anti-plagiarism tool. In case of detecting a plagiarism percentage higher than 15%, the corresponding report will be sent to the author, as well as the notification of non-acceptance of their contribution.