An English-Spanish glossary for the study of the artificial pancreas in medical translation


  • Belen Jiménez Garro University of Alcalá



specialized translation, scientific and technical translation, terminology, artificial pancreas, diabetes, type 1 diabetes, traducción especializada, traducción científico-técnica, terminología, páncreas artificial, diabetes de tipo 1


Type 1 diabetes is a malady that affects millions of people around the world. The latest scientific and technological advancements have designed a device that aims at improving patient’s quality of life: the artificial pancreas enables them to control and manage this illness in a more automated and efficient way. Nevertheless, as a consequence of the influence of English worldwide and, in particular, in the field of science, the information available in Spanish is scarce, which also limits the dissemination of knowledge to a wider public. In the field of scientific and technical translation terminological units play a pivotal role, since they concentrate a huge part of the knowledge regarding the subject topic. However, these units are not free from synonyms and univocity is not their characteristic, which may lead to confusion. Therefore, the standardization of terms is essential so as to elaborate an adequate translation that will serve to spread knowledge, as well as to facilitate communication among experts. The present work seeks to develop a glossary of terms in English and Spanish related to the artificial pancreas that could be of great use for diverse profiles: translators, experts, patients, and people interested in the topic.


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